About Us

Soham Yog Mission, an extremely passionate yoga studio to spread awareness of Self-discovery and unlocking true potential, preferring good capacity and stamina. We all desire to be HAPPY and in Love, and that all takes just a shift of mind, a change in perception until the TRUTH of every living becomes clear as all they needed is a perfect awakened of it.

The center of Soham Yog Mission is designed in such a way that the moment you walk in, you experience a state of uplifting, inspiration, release and transformation. The invitation is deeply to focus on yourself, your body, your breath and your very essence.

By connecting breath and movement, students are inspired to cross the boundaries of mind, clarity and authenticity. Our team is a group of professional and dedicated yoga practioners who are highly trained and passionate to share their love of yoga with others. Our classes support the health and fitness on all levels of the individual – physical, mental, and emotional.

All levels of classes are designed to move you out of the analytical, comparative mind, into a state of relaxed presence and vitality. Whether you are forthcoming to increase your level of fitness, release stress, or calm your mind, you will discover so much more than just fantastic classes, you will discover health as well as peace.

“Hands are feet!” That is our only mantra as we imagine ourselves comfortable in inversions and arm balances perfectly!

These classes is fierce and fun! We start by warming the body and focusing on mind with the vinyasa concatenation designed to bring attention to proper alignment and facilitate awareness in body structures used in inversions and arm balances. We then break down some variations of an amazingly healing posture – headstand, and then explore techniques for building strength and holding different forearm and handstands.

Building confidence in these asanas requires a true understanding of anatomy, body mechanics for each specific pose, and keen self-awareness. The freedom to fly in these poses also requires an understanding of how fears are embedded in the body-mind, and how these thoughts can be reworked and changed into courage by staying present and in-tune with the finer aspects of your Self during practice.

This intensive will help you understand these aspects of the poses, and help you conquer your fears so you can safely and gracefully build these poses into your regular practice and continue to advance in them at your own pace in Ahmedabad.

Pick one of the Yoga programs and you get a meditation class for free