Yoga for Back Fat
07 Jul

Yoga for Back Fat

What is Back Fat?

If your back fat is bothering you, there are a few things you can do to get rid of that. There is a no different way to get rid of back fat altogether, but fortunately, fat on your back is different fat in some parts of your body, and there are different ways to solve the problem of back fact. 

Where Is Your Back Fat?

Back fat can found in different parts of the body. Most men and women experience fat in these three areas:

1. Bra line fat:- If you get excess fat that spills over the back of your bra strap, then you've got upper back fat.

2. Waistline fat: -If your fat folds near the back of your waist, then you've got mid-back fat.

3. Muffin top fat: - I like many women; you get a pocket of fat that spills over the top of your jeans in the back, then you've got lower back fat.

11 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Your Back Fat:-

1. You’re Not Pushing Hard Enough

2. You Need More Water to remove toxins from the body

3. You lack Variation

4. You're Not Resting Enough

5. You're Stressing Out

6. You're Not Fueling Up

7. You're Missing the Mark

8. Too Much Booze

9. Not good Dietary plan

10. Your way of doing exercises is weak.

11. You’re Not Using Resistance Training

  Yoga For Back Fat:- 

1. Cobra Pose:- 

Cobra pose works all of the abdominal muscles well. 

It strengthens your back and upper body areas, makes you more limber, and stretches your spine making it more flexible.

2. Bow Pose:-

Bow pose works with the core muscles in your stomach and gets them tight. 

It also stretches out your whole part of the body, but mainly the back and spine. 

People love it for its calming yet energizing effects and use it to not only strengthen their abs but also to clear their minds.

3. Sun Salutations:-

Sun salutations help to wake you up and give you the energy to start on the day. 

They help in detoxifying your body by getting your lymphatic system up and moving down.

They also help your digestive system, making movements more regular and less clogged. 

The movements of tone and tighten abdominal muscles, increase spinal flexibility, and helps in weight loss.

     What Food to eat if you have back fat?

Flaxseed oil

Olive oil

Chia seeds

Fatty fish such as salmon



So these are the food to eat and yoga asanas to do if you have back fact.

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