Yoga for Leg Edema
21 Jul

Yoga for Leg Edema

What is Leg Edema?

Edema is one type of swelling where the person experiences excess fluid retention in the body parts such as feet, legs, etc., which leads to swelling of the area. The fluid didn’t remove properly from the body tissues, skin, organs and systems, which may be seen all over the body or particular parts of the body. It generally happens during pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome. It also occurs when the person stands for a longer time.

In Edema,  Fluid Retention symptoms swelling is common, especially in ankles, feet, and hands, Water retention may observe in feet, legs, and ankles, Bloated tummy, Weight fluctuations, etc. 

Causes of Leg edema are:-

? Standing for a longer period

? Poor blood circulation in the legs vein

? Pregnancy: during pregnancy, the mother experience fluid retention due to hormonal imbalance.

? Low-calorie diet tends to draw the lesser amount of water from the tissue because of the little presence of protein, which leads to water retention.

? Water retention can also observe before starting of the menstrual cycle.

? Sunny weather: the body observes less outward fluid movement from tissues.

? Water retention is common on burn swelling

? If you are taking medicines related to high blood pressure and anti-inflammatory manages to retain water in the body.

? Kidney nephritic problems cause fluid retention

? Improper pumping of heart leads to vein congestion and water accumulation in the body.

? Other medical conditions such as lung disease, liver disease, thyroid problems and arthritis also lead to fluid retention.

? Medications and pills also trigger fluid accumulation Lack of vitamin B1 may also prompt edema.

? High salt intake

? Congestion in the lymphatic system

Yoga Asanas for Leg Edema:-

1. Tadasana:-

? It will help to improve your blood circulation in the leg muscles by stretching the muscles and nerves, which allows to cut down on water retention. 

? It is one of the few yoga exercises which provides stretch to all the tissues.

2. Mountain Pose:-

? It enhances stretching in the legs, and the feet region thereby helpful in smooth blood circulation reduces the probability of water retention.

3. Warrior pose:-

? It is one of the best stretching exercises of hands, legs, abdominal side and above all to the entire body

4. Urdhahastottasana:-

? It gives stretching to back, neck, abdominal side, spinal joints, waist, hip, and buttock.

5. Parshavkonasana: -

? This yoga pose gives stretch to the legs, feet, abdomen, and hands

6. Sarvangasana:-

? It is the mother of all asanas. 

? It provides proper abdominal as well as upper abdominal stretch and twisting to the body.

7. Halasana: -

? This Yoga pose is useful for curing edema due to suitable stretch on the stomach and feet.

8. Asvasanchalan: -

? It is one of the essential steps of Surya Namaskar which give overall stretch to the body and also play a vital role in the curing of fluid retention.

What food to eat?

? Pineapple

? Apricot

? Melon

? Milk

? Yogurt

? Oat

? Water

So these are the food to eat and yoga asana to do if you are suffering from leg edema.

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