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What is Labour Pain?

Labour Pain is an emotional experience and involves both physiological and psychological mechanisms. The pain of labor is severe, but despite this, its memory diminishes with time.

Labour pain has two components: visceral pain which occurs during the early first stage and the second stage of childbirth, and somatic pain which occurs during the late first stage and the second stage.

There are some signs that you are in the labour pain is Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes, Contractions, Mucus Plug, Involuntary Shivering, Lightening, Diarrhoea, etc.

Current Scenario:-

1. Ultrasounds are wrong at measuring baby weight. 

2. During the third trimester, they are an average of 10-20% off in estimating your baby’s actual weight. 

3. An average sized baby could evaluate as weighing over 9 pounds.

4. Pregnancy lasts 41 weeks for low-risk first-time moms.

5. Moms who experience induction of labor with an epidural are 6 times more likely to have a c-section than those who don’t have either intervention.

6. 95 % of low-risk women could give birth without medical intervention.


Yoga Asanas For Labour Pain:-

1. Cat Pose:-

This pose makes you kneel on all fours and stretch. 

It helps you easy to push the baby down once your water breaks. 

2. Child Pose:-

It is an incredibly relaxing position. 

Your uterus contractions will ease your labor pain 

The period which is in between the contractions is for resting. 

Try this yoga position during the rest period.

3. Deep Lunges:-

If once the mouth of your cervix part opens up, then you can put one of your feet up on a chair and try deep lunges. 

It helps to push the baby faster and smoother into the birth passage.

4. Squat Squatting:-

It is the most traditional position in which women gave birth. 

It naturally opens up the vaginal opening so that the baby can be born quickly. 

Do Practice squatting beforehand so that you can try this yoga position during labour.

 What Food to eat?

Green Leafy Vegetables

Nuts and seeds





So these are the food to eat and yoga asana to do if you have occurred labour pain during your last stage of pregnancy.

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