Ways to use tulsi for good health
08 Feb

Ways to use tulsi for good health

Tulsi or holy basil is one of the most ancient herbs and is known for its medicinal properties. From treating fever to relieving a headache to giving you a glowing skin, the benefits of tulsi are many. It also re-energizes and rejuvenates the body of a person. It keeps one fresh mentally and stimulates the thought process. The holy basil is a homemade remedy for a lot of common ailments.

When it comes to Ayurveda and naturopathy, the essential oils of tulsi are used to treat number of ailments.

Ways to use tulsi for better health:-

·         When you have a fever, just boil a few tulsi leaves with powdered cardamom in half a litre of water. Let it boil and mix this decoction with milk and sugar.

·         Tulsi helps control diabetes.

·         Holy basil can help dissolve kidney stones. It contains acetic acid that helps in breaking down kidney stones.

·         Tulsi is effective in relieving respiratory conditions such as cough, cold and bronchitis.

·         Tulsi can help relieve headaches as it has pain relieving and decongestant properties.

·         Tulsi leaf can treat mouth ulcers.

·         Tulsi increases the production of digestive enzymes and help us in soothing for gastrointestinal tract thus providing relief from vomiting.

·         A natural way to bring back the white shine in your teeth is by using tulsi.

·         Tulsi can help you quit smoking. It works as a cooling effect on the throat that helps control the urge to smoke.

·         It acts as a detoxifying, cleansing and purifying agent – both from within and without.

·         It also helps in relieve stress, strengthen immunity, and facilitate proper digestion.

·         Regular tulsi consumption can also aid in balancing various bodily processes.

·         It Is also beneficial in treating conditions like hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue and swine flu.


Hence, above all the ways and benefits of tulsi leaf which are benefits for health.

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