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What is Ovarian Cysts?

The ovaries are the main part of the female reproductive system. It situated in the lower abdomen on both sides of the uterus. Women have two ovaries that produce eggs as well as the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Sometimes, a fluid-filled called a cyst will develop on one of the ovaries. Many women will produce at least one cyst during their lifetime. In most cases, cysts are painless and cause no symptoms.

Symptoms may include abdominal bloating or swelling, Painful bowel movements, Pelvic pain before or during the menstrual cycle, Painful intercourse, Pain in the lower back or thighs, Breast tenderness, Nausea, and vomiting.

Current Scenario:-

The epidemiology of ovarian cysts is unclear due to the lack of consistent reporting and a high likelihood of spontaneous resolution. 

Worldwide 80 % of womens have ovarian cysts.

About 18% of postmenopausal women with the highest risk of developing cancerous ovarian cysts.


  Yoga Asanas for Ovarian Cysts:-

1. Chakki Chalanasana:-

This yoga pose helps tone the uterine muscles in females, reduce abdominal fat, and is also useful in lowering post-delivery fat.

2. Badhakonasana:-

This pose will help in relieving from menstrual problems.

It helps in reducing fatigue and helps in bowel movement of the ovaries.

3. Bharadvajasana:-

It helps to regenerate abdominal organs.

This yoga asana is also beneficial for pregnant women as well.

What food to eat?




Chamomile Tea 

So these are the foods to eat, and yoga asanas to do if you are suffering from Ovarian cysts.

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