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What is Urethral Stricture?

Urethral Stricture is a disease mostly found in men which occurs in the urethra part of the body, which is a tube which carries urine from the bladder so that it can be eliminated from the body. In healthy men, the width of the urethra is enough for urine to pass through it quickly but in cases of Urethral Stricture, there is a narrowing of this tube resulting in difficulty for the urine to pass through it. This condition is called as Urethral Stricture. It causes the flow of urine to be severely restricted.

The narrowing of the urethra termed as Urethral Stricture. It is caused by inflammation or due to the development of scar tissue. There are various reasons for the growth of scar tissue in the urethra.

Some of the symptoms are the Reduced volume of urine output, Increased urinary frequency, and urgency, Painful urination, Urinary incontinenceAbdominal or pelvic pain, Urethral discharge, Swelling in the penile region, Hematuria and Dark-colored urine.

Current Scenario:- 

The percentage of male patients with a diagnosis of urethral stricture who also diagnosed with a urinary tract infection was 42% in 2001, an increase from 35% in 1992. 

Eleven percent of male Medicare beneficiaries with urethral stricture disease in 2010 diagnosed with urinary incontinence in the same year.


Yoga Asanas for Urethral Stricture:- 

1. Vajrasana:-

Vajrasana can be quite useful for problems related to the urinary system, digestive system, and weakness of leg muscles. 

This exercise can especially be helpful for issues associated with Urethral Stricture. 

You can do this exercise either before having your meals or after having your meals.

2. Ardha Kurmasana:-

This asana is a slight variant of the  Vajrasana and gives similar benefits.

You will derive similar benefits as of Diamond Pose, but this exercise also stretches your spine, helps tone your abdomen, and stretches your shoulder muscles.

3. Mandukasana:-

It is also helpful for problems related to a digestive system and reproductive system in women.

What Food to eat?






Low-fat or whole milk



So these are the food to eat and yoga asanas to do if you are suffering from Urethral Stricture. 

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