Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha
24 Sep

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads are the seeds of a plant named Elaeocarpus ganitrus. Since ancient times, We have been wearing Rudraksha especially beads in their bodies. Hindu scriptures talk of several benefits of wearing Rudraksha. 

Here are the most popular benefits you will get by wearing Rudraksha seeds:-

1. Rudraksha give Benefits to travelers:-

It can help in balancing the vital forces within the body.

This quality lets you stay protected while consuming foods you are not used to in day to day life. 

Hence Rudraksha also highly useful to the Sadhus of Hinduism who have to travel far and wide in their lives. 

If you are an extensive traveler, Rudraksha can help you overcome all kinds of illnesses and problems related to travels.

2. Protects against negative energy:-

It can protect your body against the negative energies used by someone against you. 

The benefits of wearing Rudraksha can help the person protect himself from such negative energies

3. Rudraksha Enhances concentration:-

It helps to enhance the power of mind and sharpen focus and concentration. 

These properties are highly useful to Sadhus for meditation, students for learning and grownups for excelling in their careers. 

Especially four faced and six faced Rudraksha beads tied in copper wire can help enhance memory.

4. Rudraksha Relieves pain:-

In many cases, Rudraksha eases pains and cures poisonous sings. 

For a long time, people have depended on these Rudraksha seeds to remedy the pain due to scorpion bite. 

Especially the five faced Rudraksha is rubbed on a grinding stone, and the paste applied over the affected parts.

5. Rudraksha Manages blood pressure:-

Rudraksha beads have strong electromagnetic properties. 

It is a highly useful quality to control blood pressure. 

By relieving the heat from the body, Rudraksha also relaxes the body. 

In the treatment of blood pressure, drinking a preparation mixing the ashes of 2 faced Rudraksha and Swarnamachik is known to give remarkable results.

6. Rudraksha Improves intelligence and memory:-

Especially the four-faced Rudraksha is known to improve the memory power and intelligence. 

Hence students will find wearing Rudraksha highly useful in furthering their academic performance.

7. Treats a variety of skin problems:-

The benefits of wearing Rudraksha for treating skin problems are noteworthy. 

It helps treat a range of skin problems including skin diseases, injuries, wounds, irritation, and itching.

For treating skin diseases, Rudraksha is put in a copper vessel containing water and left overnight.

The water is drunk in the morning in empty stomach.

For treating injuries and wounds, a paste of 9 faced Rudraksha and Tulsi (basil) leaves used.

8. Rudraksha Makes the skin radiant:-

Those who wear Rudraksha on their bodies regularly will possess a radiant complexion. 

They will overcome skin diseases and possess an excellent health. Therefore the benefits of wearing Rudraksha are numerous.

So here are some exciting benefits you can get from wearing Rudraksha.

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