What are the causes and precaution of Rudraksha?
25 Sep

What are the causes and precaution of Rudraksha?

Rudraksha can wear by anybody according to age, sex, caste, and culture. According to the scripture such as Srimad Devabhagawaam, Shiva Purana, Padma Puran, and much more scripture, there is no specific rules and restriction of wearing rudrakshas. 

Based on the extract of the scripture here are some following tips of wearing Rudraksha:-

1. Rudraksha should worn after energizing. Most important thing while wearing Rudraksha for the first time, it should be worn on  Monday and before wearing at least chant the mantra " Om Namaha Shivaya " 9 times or 108.

2. Do not wear Rudraksha while going to the funerals.

3. Rudrakshas should not share or exchanged from one person to another person once you are worn this.

4. One should always wear Rudraksha around the neck so that the beads touch the Heart area because it will help to pass the energy of Rudraksha to the entire human body.

5. Rudraksha is best when you worn black, yellow or white colored thread or it can be worn in silver, gold, copper and mixed metal. 

6. Never show your Rudrakshas to anybody once you have started wearing. Exposing or showing rudraksha gives benefits to others as well who touched or view it. 

7. Once you start wearing rudraksha, then follow it continuously throughout your life.

8. Make Rudraksha a part of your body. Wear it daily like a cloth and don't think and give too much attention to it, you will find more effects.

9. Any type of dietary habits like Nonveg, Veg, alcohol, and smoking doesn't decrease or give harm while wearing rudrakshas. But after wearing rudraksha if a person has an excessive habit, due to the increment of intuitive power and willpower, rudraksha helps to maintain the pattern to a normal level so that health of the wearer remains perfect all the time.

10. Keep the beads of rudraksha as close to your skin as possible and not let others touch. 

11. It can be kept in Puja room and prayed for the benefit of the whole family.

12. If the thread is broken while wearing, you can change the new thread and wear rudrakshas; There is no harm if the thread is broken while wearing rudraksha.

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