What is Meditation according to Patanjali?
15 Oct

What is Meditation according to Patanjali?

What Is Meditation?

In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali instructs us about how to meditate and describes what factors constitute a meditation practice.

In the yogic context according to Patanjali  Yog Sutra, Meditation also called dhyana, is defined as a state of pure consciousness. It is the seventh limb, of the yogic path and follows dharana, the art of concentration

According to the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, our pain and suffering are due to the misperception in which we are a disconnect from nature. 

5 Goals of Meditation according to Patanjali:-

1.    Understanding Your Inner Energy

2.    Cleaning Your Inner Energy

3.     Increasing Your Energy

4.     Realizing Soul Awareness

5.     Enlightenment. 

Here are some rules of Meditation according to Maharishi Patanjali:-

1.    The Inner Capacity:-

·       According to “Yoga Guru Patanjali” we all have a different capacity of doing meditation and this capacity depends on a person own ability so he should not compare his meditation ability with others as it will create the feeling of discouraging in him, this is the first rule of meditation.

2.    Be Timeless:-

·       According to “Yoga Guru Patanjali” some people ask what should be the duration of meditation as they fail to realize the first aim of meditation.

·       The first aim of meditation is focusing on inner energy and analyzation of inner energy.

·       Just like Arjuna used to focus on the eye of a bird. While doing meditation, you should be timeless. 

3.    Leaf On Water:-

·       Have patience while learning meditation as good things take time.

·       Have you seen a leaf floating on water, it floats with zero effort as it doesn’t fight; in the same way, you must not compete with thoughts but float in meditation by becoming one with your nature.

·       This Law is called the Law Of Zero Effort In India. 

4.    The Breath Circulations:- 

·       This rule of meditation is linked with Breath Circulation so do it with focus. 

·       We have two types of nostrils the left nostril is the moon, and the right nostril is the sun.

·       In Yoga moon controls your right side of the brain while sun controls your left side of your brain but in meditation both moon and sun open in a Sahasrara Chakra

·       In yoga, we control our breath, but in meditation, we don’t change its pattern, and we don’t change its speed.

·       In meditation, it directly works on Chakra and Aura system by using our awareness only. 

5.    Increasing Your Inner Energy:-

·       To learn the art of “Increasing Your Inner Energy.” in Patanjali Yog Sutra.

·       He tells you to take an inner self which is the practice of an internal journey through the spinal cord.

·       So Allow your mind to go upward inside your spinal cord up to the top of the head called the Center of energy. 

So here is what Maharishi Patanjali says about Meditation.


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