What is Meditation According to Shiv Puran?
23 Oct

What is Meditation According to Shiv Puran?

According to Shiv Puran, Lord Shiva did meditate for Lord Vishnu or meditate for Lord Rama, But it's a total misunderstanding of them because neither any Puranas nor Vedas supported to this misconception, as we knew these Puranas and Vedas are edited at several times but still we cant found those verses which can help to above misinterpretation.

Meditation is the process while we can search the truth, Just like Lord Shiva did. In the meditation peoples always concentrate on there nossel end or center of their forehead or in between of two eye-brows, because Lord Shiva said a human is also related to Animal. Yoga and Tantra (Techniques) started for identifying that animal between us.

With that Power of Yoga and meditation, Shiva found the truth of life. Therefore the verse is defined that "Satyam Shivam Sundaram." That means Satya (Truth) is Shiva and Shiva is Sundar (beautiful). Shiva was the first Budhha Purush who got this knowledge.

Lord Shiva also discovered various technique which can win over death like Shiva gave 'MrityuSanjivani Tantra' to Shukracharya, and Shiva gave ‘Mahamrityunjaya Tantra’ to Markendeya. Therefore Shiva became Mahakal with the yoga techniques. 

In other words, Lord Shiva is always happy and contented being himself. So, he doesn’t have to do anything to seek happiness anywhere outside. Everything resides within him. So, there is no object of meditation. He is the only subject. There is no external object.

What are the  Spiritual teachings of Lord Shiva’s meditation?

•He is the Supreme Yoga Master (Guru). So, he is called Yogishwara, the Master of all yogis (yoga practitioners).

•He is the goal and the Lord of yoga (yogeshwara). He is always in Asamprajnata samadhi (subjective meditation) abiding within himself. 

•In this state, there is – “I am the only One” feeling which is beyond all dualities.

•There is no thinking such as-as: “I am different,” “I and another one” etc. So, Through the meditative pose, Lord Shiva conveys the great Advaitha(non-duality) philosophy, i.e., myself is not different from the Universal Self. 

•Another teaching by Shiva’s meditation is that we have to meditate upon our Self with the feeling Shivoham (i.e., “My real me, i.e., Individual Self is Shiva”) to become Shiva! 

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