What is Meditation According to Guru Granth Sahab?
21 Nov

What is Meditation According to Guru Granth Sahab?

The way of Understanding the Divine Wisdom (Hukam, Naam, Shabad, Brahm-Gyan, etc.) and living according to it, is a Sikh’s meditation.

Guru Nanak in very simple words said about Meditation:-

1. “Jinee Naam djiaaiaa gai masakat ghaal Nanak te much ujale, ketee chootee naal.” means 

 Those who live on the Name, and go without putting their efforts, Shining are their faces, and they save many others.

Guru Gobind Singh should be with you everywhere with every breath. That state of consciousness is with each limb of mine, and with each breath of mine, God and Guru live. That is the initial state to start meditation. 

The state of meditative consciousness is the initial part of the Khalsa. You cannot remain pure without an intuitive thought, that intensive skills of your own in which you can see the Unseen.

2. Jabalag Khalsa rahe niaaraa; tabalag tej deeo meh saaraa.

This distinction of the Khalsa (which is the concept and the abstract of all manifestation) cannot be achieved until you have an automatic meditative mind.

3. Aad sach, Jugaad Sach, Haibee sach, Nanak hose bhee sach

You should meditate on, “The truth and those who understand these words of Gurbani, gets absorbed in the Truth.

Why do we chant, “Sat Nam is the whole manifestation is the blessing of only one word: Sat Nam.

In Guru Granth, the Gurbani is Divine Wisdom, and the Way of Gurbani is Understanding, it has no room for dogma, or rituals, or counting beads, pilgrimages, chanting of mantras, going to recluse to meditate or leaving families & friends behind in the name of spirituality. 

Gurbani stresses the most on the concept of Naam Simran (contemplation on Lord’s virtues or continuous remembrance of Lord), but many people think that this means constant recitation of divine words or one word. But a concept of repetitive recitation is nowhere given in Guru Granth Sahib Ji; It instead stresses singing Gurbani and living by it. Think practically - is it almost possible to recite or meditate all the time physically? At least one would have to get up to eat or drink, else no survival.

The only one who’s mind has realized divine knowledge and immersed in Lord’s virtues can remember him all the time, while eating, sleeping, doing his worldly duties, doing service to the needy. He doesn’t need to go to any recluse because he has found the divine within. Now also note it is not possible for an immersed mind to sin, because he sees the divine in everyone.

In plain words - Gurbani says that a Sikh should read and sing the Lord’s praises (only Gurbani), contemplate on them, practice them and himself become an embodiment of truth. Guru Nanak’s Naam Simran (meditation) is honest living based on positive/ religious thoughts not on mechanical repetition to be in the state of thoughtlessness, which is instead a yogic practice, not Gurmat.

Gurbani tells us to live such a life. A Sikh’s divine practical life is his meditation.

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