What is Meditation According to Ramayana?
01 Dec

What is Meditation According to Ramayana?

The secret of Ramayana is the attainment of freedom of life through which control of the mind.

The two-letter word Rama Mantra is the best of all the Mantras because It is a combination of Panchakshara and Ashtakshara. RA is taken from Om Namo Narayana and MA from Om Namah Sivaya. It is therefore very powerful. The shorter the Mantra, the higher the concentration. So repetition of Rama Mantra brings about a greater amount of focus.

By worship and meditation of Rama Mantra, the mind is shaped into the form Rama. The object of prayer is made pure through the purity of the object viz. , Ishtadevata, Rama. By continual practice (Abhyasa) the mind becomes full of the object (Rama) to the exclusion of everything else, steady in purity and does not stray into impurity. So long as a soul exists, it must have an object to lean upon, and the purpose of Sadhana is to present to the mind with a pure intention.

The sound repeatedly and harmoniously uttered in Japa of a Mantra must create or project into perception the similar thing (Devata). The Mantra gathers creative momentum by repetition through the force of Samskaras.

A Mantra is a mass of radiant energy. It transforms the mental substance by producing a particular thought-movement. The rhythmical vibrations generated by its utterance regulate the unsteady vibrations of the five sheaths (Pancha Kosas). It checks the natural tendencies of the mind to run after objects. It helps the Sadhana-Sakti and reinforces it when it becomes imperfect and meets with obstacles. Mantra-Sakti strengthens Sadhana-Sakti. Mantra awakens super-human powers (Siddhis) when the sleeping consciousness in a Mantra (the Mantra Chaitanya) is stimulated.

The famous Tulasi Das had Darshan of Rama by repeating this Rama Mantra. Samartha Rama Das performed his Tapas in Takli village on the banks of the Godavari and chanted Rama Mantra thirteen crores of times and eventually had Darshan of Rama. 

Ramadas of Bhadrachalam had Darshan of Rama by continually repeating this Rama Taraka Mantra on the holy banks of the Godavari. Such is the power of Rama Mantra. It purifies the Chitta, gives Ashta Siddhis and eventually leads to Mukti. Have intense faith and Ananya, Avyabhicharini Bhakti towards Sri Rama. 

Do Antarika (from the bottom of the heart) prayer. Chant this Name constantly with Suddha Bhava. Sing Rama Nam daily for a couple of hours with closed eyes in a single room. Serve Bhaktas. You will doubtless be freed from this wheel of births and deaths. You will undoubtedly have Darshan of Rama and through Para Bhakti or Abheda Bhakti will merge yourself in Rama. You will attain the Satchidananda state. There is no doubt of this.

So by chanting Ram Mantra, you can attain pure consciousness in Meditation 

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