What is Meditation According to Jainism?
04 Dec

What is Meditation According to Jainism?

The practice of meditation has been the core of every religious tradition. In Jainism meditation has been the central practice since a long stretch of time. 

Jain Meditation can only be achieved through Meditation. According to Sagarmal Jain in Jainism, it aims to reach the  state of "pure-self awareness or knowers." 

Jain meditation divided into the Dharma Dhyana and Shukla Dhyana and Artta and Raudra Dhyana.

Here are some meditation Technique According to Jainism:-

1. Pranayam:-

•Pranayama is one type of breathing exercises which are performed to strengthen the flows of energy. 

•The elements such as earth, water, fire, and air are strengthened with the help of Jain Meditation. Moreover, At the same time, the five chakras are controlled. 

•Pranayama also helps to stabilize one’s thinking and leads to unhampered direct experience of the events around us.

2. Pratyahara:-

•Pratyahara means that one directs the body senses away from moving and mental objects. 

•Pratyahara is obtained by focusing the mind on one point to receive impulses: on the eyes, ears, the tip of the nose, the brow, the navel, the head, the heart or the palate.

3. Preksha:-

•Preksha meditation is one type of practice of purifying the emotions and conscious. 

•It helps in living a peaceful life and is a system of mediation for attitudinal change, behavioral modification and integrated development of personality. 

•Preksha means it is to perceive carefully and profoundly.' 

•Perception means the experience of like and dislike, pleasure, and pain in Jain Meditation.

4.Pindastha Dhyana:-

•In Pindastha dhyana one imagine that they are sitting all alone in the middle of a vast ocean on a lotus flower, meditating on the soul.

5.Padastha Dhyana:-

•In Padastha Dhyana one focuses on some mantras, words or themes.

•A couple of essential mantra examples are, OM - it signifies remembrance of the five classes of spiritual beings.

6.Rupatita Dhyana:-

•Rupatita dhyana is a meditation in which one focuses on physical objects such as the souls or Siddhas.

• That omniscient and liberated soul is called a Niranjana which can be achieved by right vision, right knowledge, and proper conduct only

The ultimate aim of meditation is to pave the way for the spiritual elevation and salvation of the soul in Jainism.

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