What is Meditation According to Talmud?
05 Dec

What is Meditation According to Talmud?

Jewish meditation offers a way to infuse different facets of Judaism, with more profound meaning in that. Jewish meditation is not an end but preferably a partner process for healthy Jewish living. Reports of meditation experiences which widely found in Jewish sacred texts.

In the Talmud, our sages described as meditating for an hour before and after services. The contemplative movement also depicted in the Talmud; Rabbi Akiva also explained in the (Talmud, Berachot 31A), as bowing himself to the point from one corner of the room to the other while praying at home.  According to Talmud scripture, there is also the recommendation that when bowing in prayer "like a snake" one should read the words on a coin set in front of your feet on the ground."

In the science of meditation, we would accept to find Rabbi Akiba leader of Jewish in the Talmud scripture is familiar with the manifestation of the high state of consciousness. An important experience in the high meditative state of synesthesia where the sound is seen and colors are head.

Here are the types or methods mention in the Talmud scripture are:- 


•Brainwave Entrainment





•Guided meditation

•Higher consciousness

So here are the ways you can experience the higher level of Consciousness in the form of meditation.

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