What is Meditation According to Avesta?
06 Dec

What is Meditation According to Avesta?

The Zend Avesta texts are the main foundations of the Zoroastrian faith. It is one of the world’s oldest religions. 

This religion derived from Persia, but in today’s times, its estimated that 2.6 million believers live in India. Also, we called it  Parsiism, and those who practice it are known as Parsis or Parsees.

The sacred scriptures which are attributed to Zoroaster, who was the founder of the religion. The three basis of Zoroastrianism or Avesta  is humaya, hukhta and huvarshta, which translate as "good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.”

According to Avesta, it is believed that the art of pranayama comes from the Zoroastrian idea known as dum also known as spiritual breath. 

Much of the Zoroastrian (Avesta )scriptures are composed in the form of a manthra / mantra / mathra.  Manthras are insightful thoughts which help in building ideas for reflection, and meditation on God's work, personal spiritual growth, and commitment to the principles of the faith, as well as the formulation of one's own goals.

The Manthra, Meditation & Healing in Avesta 

By Reciting a manthra can become a form of meditation which is now widely recognized, as a process of maintaining a state of mind.

We should add some Zoroastrian principles in praying and meditating which can be done by living active, productive and meaningful lives - and are not intended to consume the lives of human beings. 

Praying and meditating at a retreat helps remove distractions and provides more time for the process to be effective. It gives the practitioner the opportunity to slow down the process by focusing on every word and the person's breathing during the intonation of the ancient words.

Meditation may also be understood as an attitude towards life. The Zoroastrian form of meditation does not involve retreat into the mountains and caves or for that matter even a quiet room, but using the activities of everyday life as a means of focusing the mind and expanding consciousness. It is learning to view every event objectively as the means for self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

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