What is Meditation According to Ayurveda?
08 Dec

What is Meditation According to Ayurveda?

Ayurveda which is the mother of all healing sciences that helps you to stay intact with nature. One different principle of Ayurveda that its effective healing methodology is a perfect blend of natural Ayurvedic medications & mind healing skills.This ancient natural help to recognize meditation as a balancing aid for the mind, which acts as a supernatural spirit governing the human soul.

The main focus of Ayurveda lies in maintaining a healthy relationship between the mind, body & spirit without reaching extremes connects with the spiritual part of oneself. A better way to think about the body is with a healthy mind. That is why medical practitioners always recommend their patients to develop a positive attitude towards any treatment before commencing it. One who is mentally fit is indeed physically fit! One who is in a positive state of mind after suffering from diseases is half cured. 

According to all healing procedures, Ayurveda suggests Meditation for its large positive effects on human wellness such as:-

•Meditation and Longevity

•Meditation and Mental Wellness

•Meditation and Self-Realization

•Meditation and You

According to Ayurveda, there are three doshas: Vata, Pittas, and Kahas. Which dosha do you relate to? 

Here are my meditation tips for you:-

1. Vata Minds:-

To keep your mind focused, try chanting Sanskrit mantra ‘ram,’ which grounds you, connecting you to your root chakra. The statement “I am centered, I am focused” can also help you stay centered and focused on your everyday life. Vatas commonly have back pain so that a meditation chair can make a world of a difference in their practice.

2. Pitta Minds:-

In pittas, meditation isn’t a total waste of time! Because It’s going to make you more productive! It has been clinically proven that meditation helps to increase your memory, brain function, productivity, and emotional wellbeing. Try practicing pranayama

3. Kapha Minds:-

Kaphas have to stay entertained by using mudras, which are hand gestures that help you to keep the mind and body connected through meditation. Meditations such as walking or dancing can be a good choice for kaphas. Kaphas minds should avoid using a back-rest for meditation, which they may turn into a headrest; instead, they should upright so energy can flow up and down their spine.

Meditation is a self-trainer that trains your mind to lead a serene life. Ayurveda offers humanity with some of the most precious Ayurvedic practices like Meditation, which when followed makes life skillful, meaningful, successful and peaceful.

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