What is Dynamic Meditation Technique?
16 Jan

What is Dynamic Meditation Technique?

Dynamic meditation is a form of meditation in which physical actions are involved. The term appears in the early 1970s when Osho's descriptions of his "Rajneesh Dhyan Yoga," developed at meditation camps in the Indian mountains, were translated into English. His prototypical method is still named "Dynamic Meditation."

The first thing to be understood about Dynamic Meditation is that it is a method of creating a situation through tension in which meditation can happen. If your total being is completely tense, the only possibility that remains is relaxation. Ordinarily one cannot go directly into relaxation, but if your whole being is at the peak of total tension, then the second step comes automatically, spontaneously: silence is created.

Benefits of Dynamic Meditation Technique:-

•Reduce Stress

•Burn Calories

•Boost Your Immune System

•Develop Consistency

•The benefit in Cardiovascular Health

•Improve Focus

Process of Dynamic Meditation Technique (Active Meditation )

•Start to breathe deeply through your nose.

•Stand up on a comfortable surface.

•Breathe quickly and very deeply through your nose for 10 minutes.

•Move chaotically for 10 minutes.

•Raise your arms above your head.

•Jump up and down, while shouting "Hoo!

•Freeze in a pose and stay there for 15 minutes.

•Dance for 15 minutes

So By practice, Dynamic Meditation will help to calm the mind and create better awareness of the world.

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