What is Christian Meditation Technique?
23 Jan

What is Christian Meditation Technique?

Christian meditation is the only discipline that brings a person closer to God. Unbeknownst to most Christians, those who experience God in different ways, whether they suffer a sense of peace, or they feel the power of the Holy Ghost, or if visions are revealed, these experiences can almost always be attributed to a state of meditation. Most Christians who experience God don't know they enter a state meditation it's virtually impossible to experience God without a clear state of mind and God as the main focus.

Benefits of Christain Meditation Technique:-

•Your faith shall increase since this is your chance to develop a stronger connection with God. 

•It will help you stay away from sin. People who are keen on learning ways in which they can fight and control themselves from temptation should try this.

•You will learn to love God more. 

•You will be free from worry and stress. 

•You will understand the meaning of the passages in the Bible and the word of God along with the plan and purpose that Christ has for you!

Types of Christain Meditation Technique:-

1. Meditate prayer:-

•Meditative prayer is a type of contemplative meditation. When we do a meditative prayer, we repeat the words of prayer similar to repeating a mantra.

2. Meditating on God’s love:-

•Meditating on God’s love is another popular type of meditation for Christians. In this exercise, the individual opens their heart to God and asks to be made one with God

So Continous practice of this technique will help you to develop a higher understanding of God and your relationship to god.

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