18 Magical benefits of yoga
01 May

18 Magical benefits of yoga

Yoga is versatile, it is derived from Sanskrit and means "to join together and direct one’s attention.” Yoga helps you to build a strong impact in life and gives a sense of fulfilment.


Now, let’s learn about the 18 benefits of Yoga which can transform you completely:


1.     Healthy Joints: There are many Asanas in Yoga, it is known as an ancient technique to cure joint pain. It helps in uprooting the joint pain and tones up the joints of the body.

2.     Boosts Confidence: Yoga practice helps to increase productivity instantaneously.  It offers the great level of prosperity and happiness.

3.     Tones up your Body: Yoga cultivates a sound mind-body connection. It also detoxifies your body.

4.     Energising: It will help to keep your creative juices flowing. It will boost energy and will relax the entire system of your body. Yoga is also considered as the memory booster.

5.     Encourage Optimism: You are able to discover the purpose of your life. It will boost your immunity, which is absolutely like an overall development. 

6.     Stimulates Chakras: According to the ancient Hindu texts, the Vedas, Yoga is thought to serve the purpose of balancing the Chakras. The chakras are our energy centres and are believed to hold the key to a balanced life.

7.     Builds Work-Life Balance: Yoga will improve concentration and improve managerial skills. It will help you to build a healthy lifestyle

8.     Better Body Posture: A few minutes of Yoga can help you to build a good body posture. You will not find difficulties in rotation or bending of your body.

9.     Fight with Migraine and other Allergies: Yoga practice will strengthen your nervous system. It will build a strong immunity to fight with all kinds of health issues.

10.   Easier Labours and Deliveries: Pregnant women can also attain benefits of Yoga.  There are few routines that are safe for pregnant women to practice. It is helpful for the baby’s blood circulation also and helps for an easier delivery

11.   A tool for Weight Loss: It is one of the best methods to reduce unwanted belly fat and doesn't create any side-effects. Deep breathing and stretching will burn calories.

12.   Offers Inner Peace:  Yoga practice will inculcate self-discipline. The benefits of yoga may even extend to your brain. "I like to refer to yoga as 'taking out the trash physically and mentally," Shaw says. "By reducing mental stress and physical tension, we are able to recall easier and have more organised thoughts.

13.   Builds your Body: Yoga exercise involves strengthening of core muscles of your body. It also helps in building endurance and also prevents the danger of heart diseases and builds immunity.

14.   Increases your Potential: A regular Yoga practice will transit you to become a better performer in your chores and tasks.

15.   Conspire to be Spiritual: Yoga will promote self-discovery.  By practising yoga regularly, you will connect with your inner strength.

16.   Treats Back Pain:  There are specific Asanas in Yoga which targets specific organs and muscle groups. By performing exercises like ‘Dhanurasana’ (Bow Pose) and ‘Salabhasana’ (Locust Pose), you can strengthen your back and spine. You will be able to sit straight for long hours, without any back support.

17.   Fights with Arthritis:  Yoga is like a massage to the body for people who suffer from arthritis. The Yoga poses like Bridge Pose, Supine Twisting, etc. helps in stretching the spine.

18.   Sound Sleep: "When experiencing insomnia, practice relaxing Asanas or postures, such as forward fold (Uttanasana) or lying on your back with your feet up the wall," says Tamal Dodge, director of the Tamal Yoga School. You shall be relieved from being insomniac.



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The benefits of yoga are infinite.

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