What Is Twin Heart Meditation Technique?
05 Feb

What Is Twin Heart Meditation Technique?

Have you ever heard of twin heart meditation? If not, then it is one of the best forms of meditation you can ever perform. It primarily focuses on emotional healing that detaches the soul from emotional traumas. It eventually eliminates negativity and brings forth a dramatic positive change in one’s life. The famous meditation expert Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui introduced this innovative meditation form.

Facts About Twin Heart Meditation:-

•According to the twin heart meditation technique, the heart is made up of two sections. The first section is the heart chakra. Heart chakra points toward the emotional side of an individual.

•The second section of the heart is the crown chakra. The crown chakra, according to the twin heart theory, is the spiritual heart. This meditation type focuses on striking a connection between these two heart sections through the physical and mental powers of the body and brain respectively.

•The twin heart meditation begins by connecting the physical, mental and spiritual selves of an individual. It slowly promotes the opening of the gateway in between the two heart sections.

•This positive energy passes to crown chakra from the heart chakra.

•Crown chakra is believed to be a connecting point between the mind and the entire body. 

•A spread of positive light through the brain and body heals many diseases and disorders like heart problems, diabetes, depression, stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, etc.

Process Of The Twin Heart Meditation:-

•Begin with a physical warm-up through simple exercises like neck rolling, eyeball movement, shoulder rolling, knee rolling, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups and stretching.

•After the warm-up session, you need to sit in a very comfortable position. The spine should be appropriately aligned and erect.

•Begin the positive thought process of your mind by recalling the blessings from your parents, teachers, spiritual healers, and god.

•Place your hand on the center of your heart.

•Continue to think of those happy moments until you lose entirely to your spiritual self.

•After you start feeling positive and happy, touch on the center of your head. Head is the activation center of the crown chakra

•By this time you will start feeling the presence of the heart chakra and crown chakra simultaneously in your body

•Start imagining a pure bright light in the center of your brain. Chant the holy word Om while visualizing the presence of the pure light.

•Once your body gets filled with this positive light, release it to your surroundings.

•Slowly open your eyes and repeat the same process every day.

Twin heart meditation makes you a better person. It eventually makes you so positive and happy that you start repelling all the negativity around you.

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