What is Kundalini Meditation Technique?
06 Feb

What is Kundalini Meditation Technique?

Kundalini meditation is part of Kundalini yoga, which helps in awakening the Kundalini energy which is present at the base of the spine. This power lies in the form of triangular sacrum at the lower end of the spine. It has to be combined from the lower planes through all the seven chakras of the body.

Benefits of Kundalini Meditation Technique:-

•It heals your inner self.

•It reduces the process of aging.

•It makes you aware by reaching your consciousness to the greater heights.

•It lets out anger, anxieties, ego, etc. and makes us a better human being.

The process of Kundalini Meditation Technique:-

•You need first to prepare your mind to perform this meditation.

•You are choosing correct posture to align your chakras in the right position.

•It would be best if you also felt the breath inside you by inhaling without any gaps.

•Kundalini meditation is done by activating the Kundalini energy. 

•Sitting in the Shambhavi form of meditation, light flows into us all the more.

That is why Kundalini is motherly energy that unites the body with the divinity

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