What is Third Eye Meditation Technique?
09 Feb

What is Third Eye Meditation Technique?

The meditation technique which you are going to hear is called third eye meditation.  Among these Chakras, the 6th Chakra is known as 'Aagya Chakra' located between the eyebrows and is said to be the seat of the mystical "third eye."

Benefits of Third Eye Meditation Technique:-

•Increased and improved memory.

•Higher self-confidence and belief.

•IT improved your learning capability.

•More creative mind.

•More motivated and positive.

•It gives better concentration and focus.

•It balances your right and left brain with whole brain function.

•It develops your blindfold reading abilities.

The process of the Third Eye Meditation Technique:-

•Sit in a comfortable position

•Sit up tall with the spine straight, the shoulders relaxed and the chest open. 

•Rest the hands on the knees with the palms facing up. 

•Lightly touch the index finger to the thumb. 

•Relax the face, jaw, and belly. 

•Let the tongue rest on the roof of the mouth, just behind the front teeth. 

•Allow the eyes to lightly close.

•Breathe slowly, smoothly and deeply in and out through the nose. 

•With the eyes closed, look up at the third eye, the space between the eyebrows, the sixth chakra. 

•Focus your gaze and concentration intently on this spot, looking for a white or indigo blue light to appear. 

•When thoughts arise in mind, let them go and return the focus to the third eye.

•Practice this meditation for 10-20 minutes. 

•To end, inhale the palms together in front of the heart, exhale and gently bow while saying these words “May I see and perceive clearly on every level, and seek only the truth.” 

•Gently let the eyes blink open and take a moment or two before moving on with the rest of your day.

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