5 ways Kundalini Yoga will transform your life?
13 May

5 ways Kundalini Yoga will transform your life?

Kundalini is a perfect blend of breathing, physical postures, meditation and Mantra.  It is a practice in which the person becomes efficient to control him/herself, not by his/her emotional programming. Kundalini Yoga will wake up your higher self. It brings balance to mind, body and soul.

Each one of us has the energy of Kundalini flowing through our bodies. It stimulates the energy to rise up between the Spinal Column and the Pineal Gland. The most important of these is the opening of the Chakras, the energy centre that governs our energetic body. It is generally practised in loose clothes and barefoot.

 "Where there is a mystery there is no mastery, and where there is mastery there is no mystery. The only miracle is that by God's grace you put your ego aside and let God have a chance. Then there is no limit to your intuition, intelligence, and healing presence" – Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini will strengthen you from the core. It builds your emotional intelligence, increase intelligent quotient and reduce stress. You will be amazed to discover how Kundalini can transform your life. Now, let’s discover about six awakening benefits of Kundalini:

Neutral Mind: Kundalini will make you realise the infinite potential within you. It gives you inner peace. You will get a clear picture about life and increases problem-solving ability.

Makes you Love Yourself: Kundalini practice helps you to discover more about yourself. Your mind will pop up with the thoughts like "There is so much to do in Life”.

Instant Inspiration: You develop a better sense of colour, sound and sight. It will encourage you to work on the goals of your life. You will start handling your life in a different and better way. You will find happiness in what you are doing and also stop getting distracted from unnecessary activities around you.

Clears’ Subconscious Mind: Kundalini helps to open the third eye of your mind. It gives the feeling of purification, which is absolutely an incredible feeling. You don’t feel any clutter around you. You don’t get depressed or frustrated in any phase of your life.

Creates the Spiritual Connection:  Kundlani is an absolute ‘spiritual awakening.’  It is a method to wake up to your true nature and become the observer of your life. 

Increases Creativity: When you develop a steady Kundalini practice, you get a blissful vibration of energy inside your ears, as soothing sound. It will help you to handle your mood swings, negative thoughts, etc.

There are many people who dedicate their whole life to awaken their Kundalini by practicing meditation and doing Yoga.  It has the power to change your relationships and life.  It will make you feel younger and energised. Kundalini is full of surprises. If you want to practice Kundalini, then get in touch with the best Yoga studios in India, you will learn how to practice Kundalini and learn more about the subject of Kundalini. This practice will disconnect you from worldly affairs and help you to write the ticket of your Life.

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