What is Anapanasati Meditation Technique?
13 Feb

What is Anapanasati Meditation Technique?

Anapanasati meditation also known as Breath meditation technique is a kind of meditation that focuses your mind with the help of breathing. It is used not just to calm your mind and clear it of any useless clutter that may have accrued there but also helps promote mindfulness and a sense of awareness

Benefits of Anapanasati Meditation Technique:-

It improves the immune system

It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

It helps to balance blood pressure

It enhances communication between the hemispheres of the brain

lower heart rate

It improves airflow to lungs

It also reduces migraines and headaches

The process of Anapanasati Meditation Technique:-

Choose a relaxing place to sit

Decide a posture to start

Start by concentrating on your breaths and then slowing them down gradually.

With every inhale, feel your entire part of the body and with every exhale feel your existence.

Let free from distractions.

Once your mind is settled start focusing on a particular point on your face whether it is eye, nose, ear or mouth. 

To strengthen your focus by keep concentrating on the flow of your breath.

You may also start counting your breaths as you inhale and exhale while doing this meditation.

Once you have the stillness of mind, you can use it to fulfill your objective behind meditating.

Meditation is an excellent way to practice to help yourself become more mindful and aware of all that goes around you. It can help to change your life around completely.

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