26 Feb


The core part of Sufi meditation is to be Divine at all times, until there is a sense of separation between meditation, God, and daily life. In Arabic, the word for meditation known as muraqabah (also murakebe) which means is to watch over, to wait or to protect. 

The essence of Sufi meditation is two-fold:

• Keep your attention focused on God

•  Always watch your mind so that no other thought except that of God enters the mind.

2. Sufi Mantra Meditation:-

One of the ways to keep the remembrance of the Beloved, in Sufi orders, is by repeating His name. It’s a type of mantra meditation

In Sufism, the mantra known as Zikr which means remembrance. The essential aspect of this practice is to repeat one of these four formulas:

•Allah (God)

•Allah hu (God, just He)

•La ilaha illa ‘llah (“There is no God but God”)

•La ilaha illa hu (“There is no God but He”)

•Any other of the 99 names of God

3.Sufi Breathing Meditation:-

Rumi one of the most well-known Sufis,  who spoke mainly on deep conscious breathing. In Sufism, the emphasis is to remembering God; so, in the Sufi breathing practices.

The process of Sufi Breathing (Zikr):-

1. Just make yourself relaxed and comfortable.

2. Close your eyes 

3. Then Empty your mind and just focus on your breathing.

4. Keep your lips closed and breathe normally through your nose. 

5. Think about metaphysical Unity, the One True God.

4.Sufi Walking Meditation:-

 In Sufism, the practice of meditation is called Nazar bar Kadam (Watch Your Step), which is about walking mIndfully. 


•One should not do anything which may drag him down.

•It means that one should avoid looking here and there.

•That is why Sufi saints ask their followers to look at their feet while walking.

•This practice is the application of the principles discussed in the section on the contemplation of God to walking.

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