27 Feb


What is Self-Inquiry Meditation technique?

Ramana Maharishi terms “Self-Enquiry” as “the most sacred of sacred.” Indeed, it is a revolutionary method of spirituality.

Self-inquiry is the primary technique through which Self-realization-- the realization of our true nature beyond mind and body is achieved. Self-inquiry is mainly known today through the teachings of Ramana Maharishi (1878-1950)." 

 Self-Inquiry Meditation technique helps us to attain Knowledge through self-control and self-development. Its goal is to experience and realize the Divine Self within us. Such a supreme goal cannot be achieved in a day but requires self-discipline, consistent practice to master the technique.

The Self-Inquiry Meditation starts with the question: “How am I?” to eventually discover the answer to life’s most fundamental question: “Who am I?”

In the practice of meditation, we gain some spiritual knowledge (Para Vidya), which is eternal and unchanging, significantly differing from intellectual knowledge (Apara Vidya).

To attain knowledge of the Atma, it is necessary to and illuminates all levels of consciousness. It includes the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. This can only occur when you do full awareness through meditation. Then the door to Supreme consciousness will open to reveal the Divine Atma.

Here is the process of Self Inquiry Meditation Technique:-

•Sit in a posture in which it is possible for you to remain comfortable during the entire exercise.

•The upper body should be erect to form a straight line.

•The hand's rest should be in Chin Mudra on the knees or thighs.

•Close the eyes.

•Relax the facial muscles.

•Relaxation of the body deepens your inner soul of the body.

•When these “key points”  of the body are relaxed,  then the sitting position is relaxed.

•Remain in this position for approximately 5 minutes.

•Calm your thoughts and emotions through this technique.

•Chant OM and practice the meditation exercise according to your appropriate exercise level.

 So by practicing Self – Inquiry meditation technique, you can experience the divine self within us.

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