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What is Zen Meditation Techniques?

Zen meditation is an ancient Buddhist tradition that started by the Tang Dynasty in the 7th century. It Started from its Chinese origins, and then it spread to Korea, Japan and other Asian lands where it continues to thrive. The Japanese term “Zen” is a comes from the Chinese word Ch’an, which means meditation.

Here are some benefits of Zen Meditation:-

•For Zen Buddhists, meditation involves observing the thoughts and feelings that arise in your mind, as well as developing the nature of body and mind.

•Unlike any other meditation techniques that focus on relaxation and stress relief, Zen Meditation goes much deeper.

•Zen Meditation deals with deep-rooted issues and general life questions that often seem to lack answers, and it does so base on practice and intuition rather than study and logic.

•Zen Meditation trains the mind to achieve calmness.

•Meditators are also able to practice with better focus and more creativity.

  Top 3 Zen Meditation Techniques:-

1. Observation of the breath:-

•Meditators should sit comfortable posture such as the half-lotus or Seiza pose during Zen meditation.

• It’s best to sit on a  mat or cushion; seated on a chair is also acceptable. 

•Awareness is directed towards a particular object of meditation, general observation of the breath is the more specific way as it moves in and out of the belly area of the body. 

•This method helps in building a sense of presence and alertness.

2. Quiet awareness:-

•This form of meditation does not focus on the main point such as the breathing technique. 

•Here, meditators  can learn to allow thoughts to flow through their minds without judgment

•The Japanese called this practice “ shikantaza” means just sitting.

3. Intensive group meditation:-

•Serious meditators regularly practice meditation in meditation centers or temples. In Japan, it is known as a practice session.  

•During this period of intense meditation, practitioners devote their time in sitting meditation.

• Each session is about 30 to 50 minutes.

•Meals are usually taken in silence as part of the practice, often with the help of oryoki bowls.

•Today Zen meditation retreats are practiced in Taiwan, Japan, and the West.

 So here are some Zen Meditation and Benefits that you can practice in your daily life 

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