02 Mar


What is Trataka Meditation Technique?

Trataka is the type of meditation technique which involves focusing the eyes through intent but relaxed yogic gazing technique. Firstly, this practice is done with open eyes on an external object. It then progresses to the internal method with eyes closed, and to gazing the void. 

In all forms of trataka, you can integrate breath awareness or the repetition of a mantra if you find it helpful, although it’s not commonly taught this way.

Benefits of Trataka Meditation Technique:-

•It Improves concentration, memory, and willpower

•It Improves visualization skills

•It Improves cognitive function

•Cures eye diseases

•It Makes the eyes stronger, more transparent, and brighter

•It helps with insomnia

•It clears accumulated mental or emotional complexes

•It will bring suppressed thoughts to the surface

•It Increases nervous stability

•Can Calm the anxious mind

•Can Balances the activity in the two hemispheres of the brain

•It Improves vision in the dark (if practiced on a candle flame)

•It gives a soothing effect on the cranial nerves 

•Enhances self-confidence and patience

Here are some following stages in Trataka Meditation Technique:-

1. Stage One: External:-

•Set your focus on the object, and keep it there without blinking 

•After 1 to 3 minutes, your eyes start paining, or tears may be coming out.

•After that close your eyes for a few minutes, and gaze at the afterimage of that object in your mind.

• When you are ready, open your eyes 

•At the end of your stage -1, gently wash your eyes with cold water.

2. Stage Two: Internal:-

•Center your focus on a central point in your visual field, and then observe the whole scenery around you. 

•After Then close your eyes and try to reimagine the same image within. 

•Keep your awareness in the eyebrow center and let the image build up for you, just as it did when you looked at it externally.

3. Stage Three: Space:-

•After mastering internal gazing or focus, you can proceed to gaze into the void.

•Even though you could do this from the start, it is advised first to master external trataka meditation technique. 

•If you do not practice the first trataka, your mind won’t have the stability needed to make the best use of these practices, and you will likely get often lost in distraction or lethargy.

So by practice trataka meditation technique, you can see the balance of stability and focus in mind

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