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Alchemy meditation and Significance

The great yogic alchemist Sage Patanjali wrote over 2,100 years ago :-

“When a great purpose inspires one, all the thoughts break their bonds; the mind transcends, consciousness expands, and one will find themselves in a beautiful world. All their dormant powers and talents surface, come alive, and they will discover a greater person within, by far than ever imagined!”

 “We are redeemed from fire by fire.” The fire with which the alchemist works during Calcination is the flame of concentrated consciousness. -Poet T.S.ELIOT

Alchemy meditation was a basic meditation technique well known amongst the alchemists and is quite ancient like 1323 BC. Hermes was the traditional initiator, and his teachings were passed on to individuals within the Holy of Holies of the initiate’s heart. Hermes as Thoth represents the power of inspiration and is the final initiator for all alchemists. The ancient manuscript, ”The Destruction Of Humankind depicts” crucial Hermetic ideas.

Alchemist meditation is an active form of meditation which sometimes requires one to fill the mind with chaotic energy and images rather than stilling the mind, to lead one to the divine source. This technique can be divided into three basic types each corresponding to 3 levels of accomplishment or magisteriums in alchemy namely:-Lunar, solar and stellar levels. (the physical, mental and spiritual) Where the third level meditation is merging of lunar and solar consciousness in the most powerful of all the alchemist's tools which require an open and pure awareness free of psychological, genetical and social restraints to our being. That is at this time when the mind reached a level, the Hermes speaks directly.

In other words, there is an inner court and outer court. It is in the outer court the process of initiation; seeds of gold will be planted, and if these principles were allowed to sprout or come alive by the practitioner, he would then proceed to the inner court where most of the work is done to become an alchemist. The crucial task in the inner court begins in the mind and heart — the art of internal reflection and concentration being a vital part of this meditation. The process in the spiritual transformation involves the following procedures and meditation techniques. They are:-Personal Calcination , Crushing Ego, Mantra of the Self, Bodily Calcination, Personal Dissolution, The Bain Marie Meditation, Cibation, Bodily Dissolution, Personal Separation, Cutting Through Reality, Bodily Separation, Personal Conjunction, Creating the Overself, Bodily Conjunction, Personal Fermentation, Capturing the Fermental Light, Bodily Fermentation, Personal Distillation, Circulation of the Light, Bodily Distillation, Personal Coagulation,  Coagulation of the Second Body, Making Visions Real, The Roasting Cinnabar Meditation.

The first few stages are not comfortable in the process of transformation which is known as black phase-The Nigredo( the process of freeing the trapped energy) and requires to be carried correctly and entirely to proceed. The process then involves a state namely Albedo(of surrender, becoming the chaos within as well around us)and the stage of Rubedo of alchemy which requires one to be devoid of ego and pure of spirit. At this stage, where the mind is pure and devoid of ego the Hermes speaks to the practitioner where one requires to open up to him to experience the great mysteries that are unique to each revealed by the Hermes.

Scientific approach and Alchemy meditation:-

Alchemy did not survive the rise of modern chemistry. Around the 17th century, its spiritual aspects were rejected following the scientific revolution as its philosophy of nature was a compound of scientific and magic elements.

The fundamental requirement of experimental science that of the reproducibility of experiments performed in identical conditions is of little meaning in the alchemic world. Because of confounding factors the alchemists repeat the same above procedure many times in the hope that something in the universe will change and that his next attempt will be successful. This belief will further be reinforced if he believes if somebody in the past has realised the Opus. In alchemical terms, our body is the vehicle for our transformation, the abode of God where our organs and glands are like laboratory retorts in which alchemical processes are taking place to support the body. Through regular exercises, bodily calcination takes place, purifying the body and improving metabolism. Through golden consciousness, the heavenly light shines upon and showers wisdom and power — the alchemy of our lives.

Experience of famous personalities of this technique:-

Martin Luther expressed that he likes this ancient philosophy, the science of alchemy. He said, he loves it not only for the profits it brings in melting metals, in decocting, preparing, extracting and distilling herbs, roots; but also for allegory and secret signification, which is exceedingly beautiful, touching the resurrection of the dead at the last day.

 Sufi alchemist Rumi described it,” It was raw, I cooked, I burnt to cinders!" He says, ”The only way out of hell is to rise with the flames.” for one to transform.

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