14 Mar


Dalia Lama’s Meditation Technique and It's Research Study

“Every individual has an innate desire to overcome suffering and find happiness.

Through meditation, one can train the mind to think differently, a meaningful way to avoid suffering and be happy,”

                                                                                                                                                                          -  Dalia Lama

His Holiness Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist follows the teachings of Buddhism. He is known as a reincarnation of the God of Compassion. The  Nobel Peace Prize winner had acquaintance with many masters of meditation. He practised various techniques and here is one method which is close to his heart which is said to be exercised by him daily and one from the many other methods he suggests the Analytical meditation technique. These meditation techniques work at the mind level. Meditation helps keep ideas steady, thus improving concentration and control. With meditation, one can achieve salvation and will witness Nirvana. The Dalai Lama Says,” The Heart Of Meditation Is To Discover Innermost Awareness.”  Having understood what analytical meditation is (in previous posts), let's explore this technique for enhancing positive emotions.

“Lessening The Power Of Negative Emotions” meditation technique procedure:-

 We begin the meditation sitting erect completely relaxed, fully aware and eyes closed. Now, we visualise on the left side of our mind’s eye our darker side /weaker side and on the right side of our mind's eye, envision its opposite, i.e. the good/brighter side of self. That is, imagining with the eyes of your mind the gloomy you on the left side of your mind as you would appear to yourself in moments of despair and on the right side of your mind’s eye, see yourself as you are when you're joyous. Visualise with as detail as possible, this inner vision. The facial expression, body language, emotions, feelings, etc.

Similarly, continue seeing all the seemingly negative feelings and behaviours on the inner left-hand side of your mind’s eye and the opposite on the right. Visualise the depressed you, the energetic and radiant you; the impatient you, the you who is calm composed and full of patience. The jealous and you when truly glad for someone else's success or happiness; the bigoted and the all-embracing you: the mean you and the sweeter side of you; the ignorant you and the brilliant you; the clumsy and the graceful you; see the unsatisfied on the left, and on the right, the contented. How does this feel? 

Understand how others would see you. Become aware of the aura of doom and gloom you're radiating and becoming familiar with the - not so feel good part of “you” and the opposite "you" on the right. Then know the "you" who would be there on the left if none of the characteristics of the right side was present. Now understand the "you" who would be the truer version of self with the right side only. i.e. If none of the behaviours and feelings of the left side "you" had ever appeared. It is easy to hold back from anger( and same emotions) when provoked if we have trained our mind first to recollect the unpleasant effects such thoughts and feelings caused us and thus refrain from anger.

The Dalai Lama says,” it's that simple.” Nothing else required because by observing your negative side of self on the left, you will become so disgusted with yourself witnessing yourself acting in any of those ways. You will eventually cease any of those actions and begin doing and feeling the right-side activities and merge with that happiness and that part of you. Ultimately you will become the brighter you exclusively. Finally, you will have peace, compassion, wisdom, good health, patience, and all the other glorious aspects of life.

This technique is profound for its ability to change life for the better - a best antidote for negativity. It’s his immense compassion that the Dalai Lama has shared it with us. 

Research: -- 

His Holiness Dalai Lama has great respect for science. He says. “Scientific studies and researches prove regarding practices that can make a difference in lives for better, but scientists alone cannot prove nirvana. True knowledge of the mind and its nature is gained through meditation alone.”

Every year or so His holiness invites a group of scientist to his home in Dharmashala to discuss their work and render any help as a follower of Buddhism.

A study with first-year students who got training in compassion for six weeks and a control group of students who participated in a discussion group were studied. Results showed less physiological stress, i.e. heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormones levels also students in compassion group showed least stress reactions as per stress test.

MRI brain scans to track the effects of compassion training findings showed that we could transform the brain structure by chaining the mind. Richard Davidson, PhD says, the brain region sends signals to the body that might change during emotional distress, and even little practice of compassion can reap a physical benefit as the region activated when compassion is practised, the insula is unique that monitors body and provides the brain with information on what is going on.

Finally conveying His Holiness Dalai Lama's message, I quote, “ If you want others to be happy practice compassion. If you prefer happiness practice compassion.”

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