5 myths about OM Meditation
29 May

5 myths about OM Meditation

Om Meditation has been the most common form of meditation prevailing in India and in the other parts of the world. Om is the most used and most sacred chant that has been used to practice the art of meditation. It is considered to be the first sound that emerged from the cosmic energy during formation of the universe.

With the increasing popularity of Yoga and Meditation during recent times, it is inevitable that some myths and apprehensions would arise, surrounding the same. These myths prevent people from practicing the art of Meditation. Listed herewith are a few popular Om Meditation myths and the facts about the same:

1. Om Meditation is a religious activity:

The word ‘Om’ is not only the sound of the cosmic energy but is also used for a religious purpose by religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Hence people relate this type of meditation to a religious activity. Contrary to the popular belief, meditation is not a religious activity. Any person, following any religion can practice the art of meditation without hindering their current religious beliefs. Chanting of the word 'Om' is just a medium through which one can concentrate and seek inner peace. Various types of chants and mediums are adopted worldwide to practice meditation, but ‘Om’ has been proved to be most effective.

2. 'Om' meditation is about concentration:

A lot of people avoid doing meditation because of lack of concentration and time. As against the popular belief or myth, meditation does not need concentration, but for better results, one must prefer practicing the art of meditation at a quiet place. There are lots of Yoga Centers in Gujarat, which provides an environment for one to practice yoga in a better way. Meditation does not mean that one should concentrate on their breathing or on chakras, and avoid or filter any other thought that crosses your mind. In fact, meditation is just about the opposite. It encourages the practitioner to process the thought quickly, priorities and then get back to the chants and breathing process to attain calm and inner peace.

3. 'Om' meditation can be learned from a book:

Fact remains that meditation is a very simple process and can be practiced at any place and any time. It's highly recommended that meditation should be learnt from an expert so that one can get the technique right so as to attain maximum results for one's efforts.

4. 'Om' meditation does not have any real benefits:

Meditation is believed to relieve you of stress and a chaotic mind immediately, but the benefits of meditation are not restricted to improved peace of mind and a clear headspace. Regular meditation under the guidance of a well-known yoga expert at a reputed training centre would help you reduce the stress and anxiety. Over a period of time, one may build a healthier immune system and improve overall health.

5. 'Om' mediation is not a technological shortcut:

As discussed previously, meditation is not a gimmick that could be easily learned via some book or the Internet. For it to show results, one must learn the art of meditation at a proper Yoga Training Centre. There are lots of options available on the Internet such as a specific music or a chant, which would help you calm your mind. That doesn't necessarily translate to meditation. An hour of sitting and listening to soothing music would definitely calm your mind but would not reap you benefits in the long run.

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