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 A meditation technique in which a mudra is used as a spiritual gesture, as well as an energetic seal, is mudra meditation. Mudra is a gesture either with hands, eyes and the body. Mudra-“ mud “ means bliss and “ra” means “to draw”. Mudra is that which draws bliss. Hand mudra means seal, the Gheranda Samhita and hatha yoga pradipika states the importance of mudra in yoga practices. In hatha yoga, mudras are used along with pranayama – the breathing exercises to affect the flow of prana. Our universe is made up of five essential elements, and so is our body. Each finger represents an element namely Agni, Vayu, Aakash, Prithvi, Jal where thumb represents Agni and respectively. Our finger continuously emits various vital energy and yogis visualised that when multiple fingers are formed into mudra, they create electromagnetic currents which stimulate the conscious centres creating balance and promoting health. When the finger representing a particular element is brought into contact with the thumb that element is brought into balance and thereby a balance in the entire body.

While there are about 60 mudras here are a few mudras useful during meditation. They are :- Gyan mudra /chin mudra,Vaayu mudra , Akasha mudra ,Pruthvi mudra ,Shunya mudra, Varuna mudra, Jal shaamak mudra,Prana mudra, Abhaya mudra , Linga mudra, Brahma mudra and few mudra practiced by Buddha namely Dhyana, Varada , Abhaya, Bhodischakra, Bhumisparsa mudra.

Things to keep in mind while mudra meditation are:-

• To sit comfortably in sukhasan, vajrasan or padmasana.

• To practice with both the hands simultaneously and for a minimum time of 3 - 30 minutes. (under the guidance of a guru )

• Fingers should be relaxed and only gentle pressure to be applied.

• Ideal for practising early hours as we wake up and before going to bed.

Researches on mudra meditation:-

• A study used (EPI)electrophonic imaging (to captures the coronal discharge around the fingers ) to study the effect of mudra during meditation at SVYAS and Sushrutha Ayurveda Medical College in Bengaluru, India. Mudra group practised prana mudra. According to the results, mudra practice showed significant change when exercised for a minimum of 20 min than to 5 minutes of training.

• An in-depth survey regarding sole and essence of hand mudras revealed that there are sound health and mind related benefits like improving breath concerning problems, blood circulation, relief in neck pain, rectifying spine related problems, better digestion, regulate body weight, reduces hypertension.

• In a study to find the effect of hand yoga mudra on cardiac and neurological parameters in preventing heart attack reveals the following results. In this research, 27 average health and 14 heart patients of age groups between 30 – 65 yrs participated. Male and female subjects were included. Results indicate that this yoga mudra can be used as an emergency tool for saving a patient’s life in preventing heart attack until the patient reaches the hospital and receives treatment. Thus this mudra is coined as “V mudra.” ) - victory over death is possible.

(V mudra - Bending the index to touch it at the base of thumb finger and gently touch the tips of the ring and middle finger with the thumb tip)

          Different mudras are used as per requirement to yield required results under the guidance of a guru.

Benefits of mudra meditation:-

• Hormonal balance

• Reduce cholesterol 

• Weight reduction 

• Relief from anxiety, nausea, motion sickness

• Enhances positive emotions

• Overall physical well being 

• Useful as quick relief in times of need which can be practised by any age group. Can say cure at our fingertips for few ailments.

           Hence practising a mudra during meditation enhances the physical wellbeing as well spiritual.

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