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Meditation technique Preksha Dhyan was founded by Acharya Sri Mahapragya Ji. “ iksha” means ‘to see’. Prakash means to perceive carefully and profoundly’ that is to see carefully and concentrate on perception; subtle consciousness through mental insights and not the thoughts. ‘Sampikkhae appagamappaenam’ –‘See you thyself’ an aphorism from Jain canon is the basic principle for this meditation technique and hence the name of this technique. To achieve purity of mind and goodness is the main aim. It’s a multi-step Jain meditation.

According to Jainism, our soul is the abode of infinite happiness which is covered by the veil of karma. Preksha meditation helps us experience that endless happiness. The technique comprises of the following practices:-

• Kayotsarga- relaxation, Antaryatra-inward journey 

• Shvasa preksha-perception of our breath 

• Shareer preksha-physical body 

• Chaitanya Kendra preksha-of psychic centres

• Lesya dhyana-perception of supernatural colours 

• Varthamanakshanki preksha- The perception of the present moment

• vichaar preksha- Understanding of thoughts

 Five disciplines in preksha dhyana

• Anupreksha – contemplation

• Self-discipline

• Bhavana

• Concentrate

• Bhavakriya through present mindedness complete awareness of one’s action and constant vigilance.

 Also, the principle of  “ Act and not to react” in any given situation,  Diet, Amity and Silence are essential to cultivating along with the three forces Gyan darshan, Charitra and Tapas which empower the sadhak for self-realisation.                                                                                                                                             

RESEARCHES CONDUCTED AND RESULTS OF PRACTICING PREKSHA DHYAN TECHNIQUE:-                                                                           

1. A study in 2008 regarding this meditation technique on various psychological components of healthy human subjects reveal that  practice of preksha dhyana has brought down the level of these components by modulating the functioning of the autonomic and central nervous system

2. In a study regarding the effects of preksha dhyana on 2080 elementary school students who were highly aggressive observed significant results. (Green colour and buzzing meditation) The research was on cognitive abilities and pulmonary functions in students and the control group. Results showed practising preksha dhyana programme could be a preventive intervention against the development of conduct disorders, antisocial behaviours, violent crimes which are easy to implement as well cost effective to maintain a peaceful atmosphere at school as a well peaceful society in future.

3. Research on the reversal of coronary heart disease through this technique for a yearlong showed significant improvement in many anginal episodes, improved exercise capacity, reduction in weight and LDL cholesterol and serum triglycerides levels as compared to control groups thus retards the progression of coronary atherosclerosis and reduces revascularisation procedure.

4. Research to study the benefits of Mahapraan, the breathing based preksha dhyana on cognitive parameters of college students with learning disabilities was reviewed. Results demonstrated significant improvement in pulmonary function based on the duration of the buzzing sound made during expiration and peak flow in control groups and consistency in the disabled group, ie.reduced error in response to stimuli throughout the test.

5. Study regarding the impact of Mahapraan and colour meditation alone and also along with additive effects assessment showed improved  working memory  and impulsivity in the combined evaluation

Overall benefits are:-

• Less negative

• Digital language recall

• Ideal physiological health 

• Increased exercising capacity

• Reduction in the commission of errors

• Kayotsarga practice effectively relieves stress

 A Cost-effective programme acceptable and feasible strategy to implement at school 

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