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Transcendental Meditation 

 A technique in which one is engrossed meditating on a silent mantra or sound is known as  Transcendental  Meditation. A method that is simple, natural and effortless to unfold one's great inner potential systematically.

Sri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced this technique of meditation in India around 1950.

The technique involves repeating a sound called mantra for about 20 minutes twice in a day and practised in a seated position with eyes closed. Through this technique, one’s mind naturally settles down to experience quieter levels until one transcends their thoughts and experience its basis, the most silent, peaceful, expanded state of awareness.

In the 1960s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described a paranormal effect claiming a significant number of individuals practising the Transcendental Meditation technique could affect the local environment and termed as the Maharishi Effect. In the US, this technique was incorporated by selected schools, universities, corporations, as prison programs and in Latin America, Europe, India & later been included in many social programs.

Researches studied the practitioners of this meditation technique, and the findings are as follows:

1) The study found that those who practice the Transcendental Meditation  technique showed a significant decrease in levels of cortisol in the blood during the practice in contrast to the control group (a group of people similar in age and other characteristics who did not learn the Transcendental  Meditation technique)

2)A meta-analysis of physiological research on the practitioners of TM  measured deep rest, reduced anxiety, increased self - actualisation which has a positive and healthy effect on the body and mind.

   *)Significant changes in respiration rate during transcendental meditation was observed. That is, the body is so relaxed and quiet that it doesn’t need to take in as much air as usual as well breathing became quiet, refined to that extent that some of the standard instruments couldn't measure it.

Practitioners not only felt deeply relaxed but were also alert and awake inside, the state of “restful alertness” the fourth state of consciousness, unlike the two control groups.

3)EEG, (electroencephalogram) records the electrical activity of the brain. When measured the brain functioning of the university students who learned the TM technique, they displayed higher brain wave coherence in all the brain areas in contrast to the period when the control group voluntarily held their breath. AS one uses more of the brains potential in daily life, they are intelligent, creative, they understand people better, quickly grasp a situation and make wiser judgments. Thus higher brain wave coherence benefits once body mind and behaviour.

4)All the activity in the universe emerges from four fundamental forces of nature and that these forces have a basis in one single unified field. Through TM technique unified field can be experienced as transcendental consciousness and experience order, creativity, self–sufficiency in daily life.

5)Research study on TM-Sidhi program showed improvement in the quality of life in that state which included reduced violence, reduced accidents, more healthy behaviour and improved economic trends in comparison to control group (a country where there were  no TM Sidhi  practitioners ) and this was Maharishi Effect

 Researches on the TM technique reveal the following benefits:-

*)Frontal brain coherence

*)Increased use of hidden brain reserves

*)Increased creativity

*)Broader comprehension and Greater ability to Focus

*)Increased self-development

*)Increased calmness and strength of self-concept

*)Decreased anxiety and depression

*)A state of deep rest

*)Health improvement in university students 

*)Reduced illness and medical expenditure

*)Reduction in high blood pressure

*)Improved job performance as well as job satisfaction

*)Improvement in the quality of life in a state when performed in groups.

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