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Every day you take a shower.

 Practising meditation on twin hearts is like taking a spiritual bath. 

When your aura is clean, you experience a higher level of awareness.

         When your aura is very clean, you see through things more clearly. Even your Good luck increases


Twin heart meditation technique was introduced to the public by Master Choa Kok Sui of Philippines in 1987 a founder
Twin heart meditation technique was introduced to the public by Master Choa Kok Sui of Philippines in 1987 a founder 

of Pranic Healing and Arhatic yoga. Twin heart meditation is an advanced meditation technique based on the method of channelising spiritual energy through major energy centre of the body, i.e. chakras. Twin heart refers to the heart and crown chakra- energy centres. Being advanced technique care to be taken to practice under the guidance and also strictly not suggested for people suffering from glaucoma, hypertension, and kidney liver ailments, pregnant as well as children below sixteen years.

Significance in choosing these energy centres is that the crown chakra(divine heart) is the entry for divine grace and love, higher spiritual consciousness and heart chakra(emotional heart) is the centre for higher refined emotions like love joy peace, compassion, kindness etc. and this technique is based on the law of consequences, law of karma. (Reap what you sow.)

Twin heart meditation technique can be summarised in seven steps. Each step has equal importance and significance for obtaining desired results as well physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

 They are:-

1. Cleansing exercise

2. To invoke the divine blessings

3. To activate the heart chakra

4. To enable the crown chakra

5. Blessing the earth with  both the heart and crown chakra

6. Illumination

7. To release the excess energy.

Researches on twin heart meditation technique:-

• A study to find the effect of yog and pranic healing; twin heart meditation was conducted on 20 students of Dev Sanskrit university     Haridwar using EEG test for stress. Pre and posttests reveal that students experienced positive energy, inner peace, relaxed and       harmony in daily activities.

• Increase in brain wave synchrony between the two hemispheres of the brain after twin heart meditation was observed in a study 

• A study using EMG found an increase in muscle potential of the arms, the scalene and extensor muscles.

• The decrease in heart rate, respiratory rate, positive skin conductance response, increase oxygen saturation were observed after twin heart meditation.

• Study with 14 meditators and non-meditators showed the significant transition from beta waves to alpha waves and delta –theta waves.

• A pilot study and follow up on the study of 17 and 35 subjects respectively showed a substantial increase in neurohormones serum serotonin and plasma melatonin after twin heart meditation.

• A study by Dr.Perez in 2015 in Sandiego found that gamma brain waves played an essential role in assimilating perceptions and found it to be increased in experienced meditators even when they were not meditating.

• A study by Jeff Tarrant and his colleagues in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia compared brain waves of 12 experienced meditators and 12 non-meditators. The research found that the experienced meditators had significantly more gamma brain waves at pre and posttests; predominantly in the anterior and posterior cingulate cortex region of the brain.

• Study using the Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) was carried to asses psychological functioning and also through questionnaires using the coping self-efficacy scale and Five Facet Mindfulness questionnaire suggests that the practice of twin heart meditation technique effectively reduces anxiety and improves cognitive function and happiness even if practising it for the first time.

Benefits of practising Twin Heart Meditation Technique:-

• Physically healthier

• Enhanced healing power

• Feeling calmer, confident

• Harmonising relationships

• Forgiving and positivity within

• The heightened level of intuition

• Emotional intelligence and equilibrium

• Vibrant aura as well chakras and in balance

• Inner peace and are compassionate, kind and loving nature

• Useful in building and performing as a team at the workplace

   Pranic healing twin heart meditation is an instrument of world and community peace.

   Twin heart meditation is a path to self-realisation, to achieve perfect harmony and oneness with God if practised regularly.

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