11 Apr



Agyanatimiraadhasya gyanaanajanashaalaakayaa |

Chakusur unmiilitam yena tasmai sree-gurave namah ||

 Salutations to that Guru who removes the darkness of ignorance by applying the Collyrium of the Light of Knowledge on our blinded eyes of knowledge and

who opens our inner eyes.

Guru is one by whose light Self-realization arises. Lord Shiva is the Universal Guru, who purifies, enlightens and liberates aspirants. Lord Siva as Dakshinamurthi is described as a Guru who sat under a banyan tree and silently imparted wisdom to the four sages, Sanatkumaras the Brahma Manasa putras.

jñ?n?nandamaya? deva? nirmalaspha?ik?k?ti?

?dh?ra? sarvavidy?n?? hayagr?va? up?smahe

Lord Hayagriva- the avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshipped as the God of knowledge and wisdom. His form signifies the triumph of pure knowledge, guided by the hand of God, over the demonic forces of passion and darkness whose presence purifies one and all and is the foundation of all the knowledge. Lord Dattatreya the divine incarnation, the adi-guru sought nature his guru. The sun,  moon,  earth, fire water, etc. altogether twenty-four gurus emphasising self-effort; a means to learn. These Gods as guru’s guide us as to who a guru is and his importance in our life.

Lord Shiva explains to Mata Parvati about the importance of a Guru, his principles, ideal ways of worshipping the Guru in Guru Geeta. A Guru, where the root “gu means darkness, while root word “ ru” stands for light. That is, a Guru is one who leads us from darkness to light through wisdom. Guru is one with whose grace can we cross this sea of samsara to the final destination the union with God safely. Serving Guru is the highest austerity; there is no knowledge of Truth beyond what comes from the Guru.” Ishwara gururatmeti “- The guru is the divine incarnation, the Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara; the Parambrahma and hence to be served with utmost reverence. A Sadguru is one who is centred in the Self, has patience, forgiveness and courage. He treats everybody equally and at all times. His very presence fills the atmosphere with tranquillity.

Further, A guru is an embodiment of knowledge- that of the eternal. The dispeller of darkness, the guru, imparts aspirants that experience through his simple living, kindness to all, and who guides to know the essence of life and living. Guru; is the follower of the Vedic traditions, is beyond duality, devoid of ego and attachments; the self-realised imparts knowledge of the ultimate reality that which requires guidance and who can clear doubts from the scriptures of in-depth meaning. His valuable advice is the foundation in traditions, one who bestows supreme joy. Guru is compassionate, is beyond the states of the mind, Gunaatita. Guru is one who can  Gurupournima day we express gratitude towards such great teachers who burns away the fuel of karma by blessing with the fire of knowledge of the self.

Sarva shruti shiroratna samudbhaasita muurthaye |

Vedaantaambuuja  suryaaya tasmai Sree Guravenamaha ||

I salute to the Guru who is luminous with the wisdom of Vedanta, who is radiating light continuously like the sun, whose lotus feet eliminate the truth of reality - the treasure the jewels of the four Vedas

Spirituality is about knowing one's self. In the ancient system of education the guru – sisya parampara is an example of how a student should behave, serve and respect his guru. There are certain virtues and attitude to be cultivated by the student to imbibe the knowledge.”Sraddhavaan labhate gyanam” - Only with a sincere effort and interest of the aspirant can the guru bestow wisdom. The aspirants serve the guru and with full surrendering. Their service and self-discipline is the reflection of their devotion and commitment towards Guru, the dharma and education. Guru guides those sincere aspirants, and they eventually master the knowledge that the guru embodies and to become a noble person. An aspirant of the training is one who is worthy, responsible, compassionate, shows interest in learning in all fields of life be it spiritual, intellectual and ethical. An aspirant is egoless and open minded. It’s by grace; Guru appears in one’s life. Few such guru-sisya’s are; Sri Krishna & Arjuna, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa & Swami Vivekananda, is the tradition of Guru & sishya relationship and is the uniqueness of our nation.

There are eight hindrances one has to conquer on the path to ultimate happiness. The way to ultimate knowledge is intense and these obstacles - Arrogance, anger, fear, guilt, lust- attachment, jealousy, greed, ignorance which can be fixed by the grace of guru easily. Knowledge is of value and by sharing and living that which is learned life becomes meaningful. Scriptures mention that It is of utmost importance to behave pleasing, i.e. virtuous and not make guru unhappy or angry. 

Jagadguru, Sri Adi Shankara cautions saying:-Though one might be handsome, healthy  and earns fame, wealth and even did study the Vedas and scriptures, might have also composed scriptures himself  but not surrendered at the lotus feet of the Guru; then he has achieved nothing, nothing, nothing at all."

Let’s know about various yoga guru’s in the coming posts and imbibe their values and life messages which enhance our living. 


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