Third Eye Meditation Technique and Research Study
29 Aug

Third Eye Meditation Technique and Research Study

The eye through which I witness God is the same eye through which God sees me.

Mine and God’s eye are one, one seeing, one knowing, one love.

                                                                                                                                       -Meister Eckhart

Third eye or the Ajna chakra

 It is the sixth chakra located just behind the forehead above the eyebrow centre. Ajna means “to perceive”, “to command”. It’s an energy centre that connects one to their intuition. It’s the eye of wisdom, invisible yet powerful. Symbolically represented with two petals, which can be related to the manifest and the un-manifest mind. In like manner, the two petals represent the pineal and pituitary glands. The Ajna chakras element is light; it governs various organs and glands like the brain, neurological system, eyes, ears, pituitary gland, and pineal gland. Indigo is the associated colour with this ajna chakra. “Eem” is the seed sound for this chakra, and it resonates to note “A.”

Meditation on the third eye, trataka, is one of the best ways to activate this chakra. When the ajna chakra is stimulated, one can see and sense objects and energies and described as an energy receiver. It could amplify the ability of the third eye to tune into the energy field of others, psychic abilities, spirit guides, angels and the collective consciousness. It’s through this ajna chakra conscious perception of the individual takes place.


Meditation Procedure: -

·        With spine straight, relaxed neck and shoulder take few deep breaths.

·        Seated, relax the facial muscles and gently close the eyes.

·        With utmost ease bring awareness towards the eyebrow centre and gently focus there throughout the meditation.

·        If any thought, issue or contemplation begin to arise; observe and let it release through the window of the mind.

·        Observe the release of past trauma, worry, sadness, anger or any negative thought or belief exiting out of the head forever.

·        When the intensity of ideation reduce, it feels relaxed, and light as the mind is clear of thoughts. At this moment, we can seek answers for any issue or guidance from the subconscious mind. With proper practice and supervision, one can activate the third eye rightly.

·        Gently relax the eyes by unfocusing them when you feel. Rubbing the hands together; palm the eyes.

·         Relax them in complete darkness and then gently open the eyes.

Things to observe:-

If ajna chakra is overactive, one may experience stress and frequent headaches in the forehead or temple regions. They may tend to be judgmental, unsympathetic or over-intellectual in their thinking. If it’s under active one may lack balance, empathy, common sense, or intuition. Also, memory and learning can be affected. One can try the following simple methods to balance this chakra. They are:-

·        Lighting a candle of indigo colour and relaxing while focusing on this chakra.

·        Intake of foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables and dark chocolate will nourish the third eye.

·        To focus the attention on the ajna chakra during the day under the sun.


Research on Ajna chakra meditation technique:-

·        A study included 500 born-blind people with a control group of same ages 35-50 years. Neither blind people nor controlled group has diabetes prior. The study reveals all the born-blind people are having normal blood sugar without any evidence of either pre-diabetes or diabetes, whereas, the control groups reveals 85% have diabetes.

When we sleep, the hormone melatonin will increase thereby decreases the insulin secretion that leads to the ? cell to recover the function. Similarly, the meditation will open our third eye (Pineal Gland), and melatonin level will increase that will protect the ? cell, and it controls the blood sugar.

·        Brain researches reveal that people who meditate regularly evolve their brain structures with neural changes promoting higher consciousness.


·        It’s an effective way to clear the mind of worrying thoughts.

·        One can access their subconscious.

·        Helps  release the desires

·        Self-awareness and increase the will power

·        Repairs the cells thereby obtain a healthy life


Positive Affirmation during 3rd Eye meditation:

 I can see,  think and understand that all is well in my world. I listen to my inner guidance. I trust my intuition! My life moves effortlessly


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