How to start meditation? (For beginners)
06 Oct

How to start meditation? (For beginners)

Meditation is an approach to train your heart, mind and soul. In Buddhist tradition, the word “meditation” means sports. It will help you to form other habits. A good meditation practice will help you to remain stress-free and slowly change your life for performing at your best.

There are several health benefits of Yoga like improving blood circulation, boosting immunity level, give deeper relaxation, and make you feel well-being and much more.  You should start doing meditation immediately if you feel your mind is restless or the things are getting on your nerves. Here we go with some basic steps to bring the magic of meditation in your life:

Concentrate on your breath: Breathing is an easy preparation of meditation. Notice the lights, sound and vibes around you. Breathe naturally. Try to keep the empty stomach and sit in a comfortable posture.  A yoga pose will make an all difference.

Mind your mind: Choose a peaceful place to start your meditation practice. Keep your neck & shoulders relaxed and eyes closed. Focus on one point and don’t let your mind conceive any other thoughts or stories. Chant powerful mantras and allow your mind to concentrate on the mantra.  After the practice, gently open your eyes. You will see a difference around your surroundings; get to know more about your body.

Get in touch with a teacher: It is a good idea for all the beginners to find a Yoga Teacher. An experienced Yoga teacher will teach you meditation with all nuts and bolts. You can also join Yoga classes and join groups. If you are doing any doing any wrong practice unknowingly, it can affect your body like back pain or muscle pull etc. 

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