Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher
14 Feb

Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher

With the popularity of yoga famous all over the world, there are more varieties of yoga poses, studios, and teachers than ever before. To those who are new to yoga therapy, it can be challenging to choose the right yoga class for everyone. There are yoga poses that cater for everyone! It’s just a matter of navigating away from teachers who won't resonate with you to find those who will inspire you to thrive.

A fantastic yoga teacher can play a massive role in sharing knowledge about yoga with compassion. Sometimes they can uplift and inspire us; they can help us to relax and rejuvenate, they can even help us push through mental barriers we didn’t know we had.

Here are the qualities that we look for in Yoga Teacher:-

1. They connect spiritually with everyone:-

·  A great teacher can make everyone feel connected to them in some way through there spiritual knowledge about the yoga. They can enhance people who are new to yoga. 

2. Voice – A potent tool:-

·   A yoga teacher’s voice is perhaps their most potent tool. Being able to confidently face no.of people to talk about the right postures using only words can be a challenging task, but doing it in a smooth and precise is a strait of a great yoga guru. 

3. They Leave Ego outside the class:-

·   They understand that the purpose of the course is not about their yoga practice but to lead the journey of yoga.  The teachers are happy to share their wisdom and knowledge openly, and they can laugh at themselves when they make a mistake. 

4. They Love Yoga:-

·   Yoga works simultaneously on the mind, the body and the spirit. This all-around approach is what makes yoga more advanced than just a usual class, and quality of a great teacher can easily find the balance between the physical and the abstract. Their deep love and respect for this amazing life science can be a real source of energy and inspiration for their students.  

5.  Let Their Authentic Personality Shine Through:-

·    No matter what we do it to operate from an authentic space and a yoga teacher is no different. A joke in a class can relax everyone and bring a lightheartedness to the room, but it works better when the teacher has a natural sense of humour. If a teacher’s quality is more warmth and compassion, then they teach from their heart and create a beautiful and uplifting class.

6. Cater To All Levels of life:-

·   These days, many yoga classes are open to cater all level of people that are from beginners to advanced yoga. Yoga can subdue for beginners, and it’s a real skill for a teacher to make them feel supported and included without compromising the challenge for the more advanced students. 

7. An excellent yoga teacher share knowledge

·  Okay, none of us wants to hear a lecture at the start of class on all the great Sanskrit scholars or the history of yoga, but it’s comforting when a teacher knows their stuff. Whether they explain the medical benefits of postures as we hold them or confidently offer variations for people with injuries or limitations, by demonstrating their knowledge they gain credibility, leading nicely on to the next point. 

So what are the qualities of your favourite yoga teachers that makes them unique?

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