The lost Art of Giving
20 Jan

The lost Art of Giving

The art of giving is depending upon us whether we do for a societies, family etc.  We know about the benefits of giving is one of the most satisfactory feeling one can get. They feel appreciated, loved, understood and so on.
But what about the welfare of giving to the one who gives?
Here are the ways of art of giving that we lost in our daily life:-
Giving moves us because it frees us:-
For a period of moment we express from thoughts about how we are, how we were, how we will be, how people see us, how we could be, how we should be, and so on. It also depicts how we express and inherit the feeling of giving.

When we give with an open heart, we remember that we are not alone:-
You may want to say to me, “What? Of course I know that you are alone
In some ways.  In terms of experiment to work, you need to be stressed but you’re not? The experiment is for the rest of us who hurtle towards giving. When we help a person or giving something to society we always think we are alone but we are not. We are surrounding by our loved ones, friends and many more

Ok, so you and I are stressed, right? Stress include thoughts about your work, planning, past experiences, pressing tasks, and about your relationship with others. By art of giving you will forget all stresses that comes in your life and makes you happy.

The higher the stress, the more we become wrapped up in our own life:-
 When we’re wrapped up in our own  day- to- day life, we become sure to the fact that there are   others peoples too, and that they have problems and needs too. That’s where the miracle of giving comes in.  When we give with an open heart, we suddenly wake up with inner positivity that cames from giving and feel connected to others.

When we give with a pure heart, we feel joyful:-
What is a pure heart? It’s giving with no thought of return or selfishness. In reality, our motives for giving are often related with ‘impure’ motives: maybe we are shamed into giving; or we give to receive a favour. Is ‘impure’ giving mean? It’s not. Every action is in some way ‘impure’ because we are human beings, and not saints.

At the core of our heart, there is a goodness that will see in my expression
Each art of giving emerges from that side of goodness, even mixed motivation may arrive at our natural aspiration of creativity.Whenever we touch that essential core of goodness, we feel moved. This is what we call natural art of giving.

So by all this, art of giving help us to get immense pleasure and provide satisfactory feeling among all of us

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