Yoga For High Blood Pressure
12 Jun

Yoga For High Blood Pressure

What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels. Your blood pressure will keep you update on how much blood is passing through your blood vessels and the amount of resistance the blood meets while the heart is pumping.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure can include:-


Shortness of breath in the body



Chest pain

Visual changes

Blood in the urine

What causes high blood pressure?

There are two types of High Blood Pressure such as:-

1. Primary High Blood Pressure:-

Primary High Blood Pressure is also called essential hypertension. This type of high Blood Pressure develops over time to time.

A combination of factors may play a role. These factors include:-


Physical changes


2. Secondary High Blood Pressure:-

Secondary High Blood Pressure often occurs quickly and can become more severe than primary hypertension. Several conditions that may cause secondary High Blood Pressure include:

kidney disease

Obstructive sleep apnea

Congenital heart defects

Problems with your thyroid

Side effects of medications

Use of illegal drugs

Alcohol abuse or chronic use

Adrenal gland problems

Certain endocrine tumours

Statistics of High Blood Pressure:-

Worldwide, raised blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths, about 12.8% of the total of all deaths.

In 2017,1 billion people worldwide now have high blood pressure.

The number of people living with high blood pressure worldwide has doubled over the last 40 years.

More than half of those with high blood pressure live in Asia, including 226 million people in China and 199 million in India.

Men had higher blood pressure than women in most world regions.


Yoga For High Blood Pressure:-

1. Sukhasana:-

The Sukhasana is also called the Easy Pose. 

It is a meditative pose that works on calming both the mind and the body. 

This asana works on the nervous system and regulates its activity. 

It helps in reducing high blood pressure, and directly or indirectly works on bringing down blood pressure.

2. Uttanasana:-

The Uttanasana, also called the Pada Hasthasana, is a standing forward bend.

If you look closely, this asana is an anti-gravity pose, which helps the blood gush to the head. 

This helps enhance blood circulation and also has healing effects. 

When the blood flow is regulated, the body calms down, the heart rate is stabilized, and the blood pressure is normalized.

3. Virasana:-

The Virasana or the Hero Pose is an amazing asana in yoga to reduce high blood pressure. 

This asana is relatively simple, yet incredibly powerful.

It opens up the chest to ensure that there should be proper blood flow in each and every area of your body. 

This is extremely beneficial when it comes to normalizing blood pressure.

4. Supta Padangusthasana:-

This asana stretches the arms and legs, allowing the release of the trapped stress in the limbs. 

As all the energy blocks are opened up, blood and oxygen flow are enhanced. 

The back is also stretched and relaxed. 

It is a great asana to practice when your ultimate goal is to bring down blood pressure.

What Food to eat if you are suffering from High Blood Pressure:-

Leafy greens


Red Beets

Skim milk and yoghurt






Garlic and herbs

Dark chocolate


Olive oil


So these are the food to eat and yoga asanas to do if you are suffering from High Blood Pressure.

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