Yoga Teacher Training

“One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a hoodlum into a solid citizen.”

Not just a Yoga Teacher Training, this course can help you create the life you’ve always wanted, achieve the good health you’ve always dreamed of, and set you on the path to discovering the amazing human being you really are! By embarking upon this amazing yogic journey of growth and self -discovery, you will discover your own natural state of love, joy, compassion, tranquillity and contentment and learn to share these experiences with others.Along with asanas and kriyas, an aspiring yoga teacher must know and teach the philosophy.

The core principles and metaphysical foundations of Yoga are as important as the actual techniques or practice. If knowledge is lacking, then the practice can go wrong or become a mechanical routine.

This foundation teacher’s training course provides an intimate experience lectures and guidance from the teachers.

The postural practice, for final certification, is covered in 2 weeks intensive at Soham Yog Mission, India.


  • Syllabus and examination :
  • Each level has its own syllabus for practice and teaching
  • Each exam has three components:
  • Theory paper: Questions about asanas, pranayama, anatomy, physiology and yoga
  • Demonstration of asanas and pranayama
  • Demonstration of teaching skills

It is not just the “time” or “years” of practice that makes one eligible for a particular level of certification but the “quality” of practice.

For more details, the interested students are advised to contact Soham Yog Mission.


  • A Complete Transformational Program
  • Acquire skills for Life-Mastery
  • Gain personal insights through ancient yogic philosophy
  • Experience-oriented teaching and exploration
  • Tools to balance health and restore inner-resiliency
  • Learn to release persistent habits and behaviour patterns


  • Learn professional facilitation skills
  • Customize, adjust or modify techniques for students
  • Add themes to classes and learn workshop formats
  • Embody what you teach and empower your students to do the same
  • Individualized training from world-class teachers
  • Opens new career opportunities

What we Offer

  • On-site retreat accommodations removed from typical daily distractions
  • Teaching and Q&A
  • Access to depth beyond physical postures – not just for exercise, but Self-Study
  • Ancient yogic wisdom presented for the western psyche
  • Masterful teachers who embody authentic yoga as a lifestyle
  • Hands-on individualized instruction and mentoring in small groups
  • Applied anatomy, modification and adjustment techniques to confidently assist your students
  • Guided meditations, chanting, group discussions, and more…

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